Jazzline is one of the three daughters of princess gingereena and pinocchio.

She is the middle child, being 10 years old.

Like her sisters, she loves to dance but singing is more her thing.

She is also one of the next generation j.d.p members.


  • Sweet
  • Gentle
  • Shy
  • Happy go lucky


Jazzline is slender and has long, wavy neon orange hair and big blue eyes. She wears a purple and green leotard with a violet tutu on top. She wears green lace up flats. 


  • Singing
  • The colors purple, lime, and violet blue
  • Key lime pie


  • Jazzline is the 5th official next generation j.d.p
  • Jazzline was born on june 11th
  • Jazzline's nicknames are jazzie or jaz 

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